11 Benefits of Using Manufacturers in India

Giovanni Pino

Dec 21, 2021 | 3 min read

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Are you looking to start an eCommerce business? Or is your business expanding, and it’s time to consider manufacturing overseas or use an alternative to China? 

India is renowned for manufacturing and offers many benefits you should consider when sourcing your products. Learn why.

Why manufacture your products in India? 

Sourcing Indian products delivers a range of attractive benefits for Australian businesses:

  1. Lower costs
    It’s very cost efficient to manufacture in India. Wages are lower than most manufacturing nations, especially Australia. But the cost-benefit extends beyond lower salaries—the country is industrious, and it bases its development on manufacturing investment.
  2. Speed to market
    Manufacturers in India have experience meeting quick production timelines and turnarounds. Time is money in India, and its manufacturing industry speed gives it a competitive edge over neighbouring countries.
  3. Vast range of options
    You’ve got lots of choice in manufacturing companies and the extensive diversity ensures competitive pricing and quality as manufacturers strive to stand out.
  4. A common language
    English is spoken widely, boosting the country’s appeal for overseas customers. Parents, teachers, businesses, and the government encourage learning English to increase economic prosperity and social status.
  5. Highly scalable
    Utilising manufacturers in India lets you increase and decrease your production quickly.
  6. No infrastructure needed
    You can begin or expand your business without investing in manufacturing infrastructure. Reducing your overheads increases your profits.
  7. Focus on small to medium size manufacturing plants
    Indian manufacturers are often small to medium enterprises (SME). You’ll benefit from their agility and economies of scale without needing to commit to huge order numbers.
  8. Product categories and specialities
    Manufacturing companies in India specialise in clothing and fashion accessories, textiles and furnishings, leather goods, electronics, software and services, furniture, machinery, auto and parts and jewellery.
  9. Artisan and handmade
    India has the ability and capacity to provide artisan and handmade products. If this is your brand’s focus, you can specify products for the Australian market that no one else carries. 
  10. Skilled workers
    India has a large population of engineers, software developers and skilled factory workers to draw upon to fill jobs in the manufacturing sector.
  11. Better conditions
    In general, India has a healthy work-life balance. Union and government initiatives strive to create a safe, fair and happy workforce, which is great for Indian workers and your reputation.

How to add ‘Made in India’ products to your range the easy way.

If you’re interested in partnering with manufacturers in India, we can help. We take the headache (and leg work) out of researching, costing, managing & quality-managing potential partners, supporting you every step of the way. 

Team up with us for an expert guide to sourcing, pricing, samples, production, warehousing, and distribution. We’re based in Australia, with offices and contacts in India, and around the globe. Tell us your manufacturing and importing goals, and we’ll work with you to make the magic happen. 

Let’s make it in India. Tell me how.

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