Jewellery Suppliers – Discover the Top Countries that can Manufacture Jewellery for your eComm Brand.

Ellie Vaisman

Nov 17, 2021 | 3 min read

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When it comes to importing jewellery your target market will love, the world’s your oyster…and pearl necklace, costume earrings and diamante bracelet.

Those little shiny pleasures are big business worldwide. Small in size but large in appeal, jewellery is a robust market in Australia. And there’s plenty of room for your new or established business in this lucrative space.

Have you always wanted to design your own range of jewellery? How about private labelling some amazing existing styles? Keen to start a jewellery eCommerce venture? Are you an established store looking to expand your range and improve your sourcing options?

If you’re ready for your business to truly sparkle, read on.

Benefits of importing and retailing jewellery

  1. Small product size.
    You’ll enjoy lower import and transport costs, require less space for warehousing, and shipping to consumers is easy and cost-effective.
  2. Wide consumer appeal.
    Everyone loves jewellery (ooh, shiny!), and there’s always a market for it across age and gender. There’s always going to be a special event that requires someone to look for bling. 
  3. Vast range of price points.
    Fun and frivolous through to exclusive and opulent – there’s a market for all.
  4. Show your individual style and flair.
    Design a range yourself and showcase your great style. 
  5. High value.
    2020 global sales for jewellery exported by all countries totalled US$69.2billion^, which means there's a slice of that pie for you to carve out.

The top 5 global jewellery suppliers by exports in 2020


Is there demand for imported jewellery in Australia? 

Australia represents an attractive importing opportunity for jewellery. In 2020, Australia’s net exports for jewellery were $533.5 million—eighth in the world. That’s not a negative—net imports are the value of a country’s total jewellery exports minus its total imports. 

Simply put, there’s a lot of demand for imported jewellery, and you can join in the glittering parade.

Don’t want to source and import solo? We take the headache out of manufacturing & importing from jewellery factories overseas. It’s what we exist to do, we mitigate manufacturing risk and our services free you up to focus on building and scaling your business.

Our process includes:

  1. Analysis.
    We’ll analyse your business, brand, goals and products.
  2. Research.
    Like looking for gold, the Sourci team will mine out the perfect jewellery supplier for you. And we ensure your jewellery manufacturers meet ethical responsibilities, compliance, quality control and intellectual property protection (your beautiful designs are safe with us).
  3. Sampling.
    There are no rough edges here. Your designs are carefully specced up, giving you extra confidence and peace of mind when viewing your samples.
  4. Production.
    We take the pain out of overseas production. From ordering and liaising to full management, we focus on quality & consistent products, and service.
  5. Shipping and logistics.
    Free up your time to concentrate on the business end of your eCommerce jewellery start-up or established jewellery shop. We’ll handle the rest, including freight, clearance, importing, delivery, quality checking, packaging, logistics and fulfilment.

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