What Actually Makes Packaging Sustainable?

Ellie Vaisman

Ellie Vaisman

Jan 17, 2022 | 2 min read
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What Actually Makes Packaging Sustainable?
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With global warming taking the world by storm (no pun intended), being environmentally conscious as a brand has never been more important. A study done by Trivium Packaging Group found that 74% of participants were willing to pay more for products that used sustainable packaging, so let’s talk about it!

What is sustainable packaging?

The aim of sustainable packaging is to ensure that it upholds the primary functions of regular packaging (keeping the product safe for transport etc.) whilst also having a lower environmental impact compared to existing conventional packaging. The Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation lists 10 principles of sustainable packaging: 

Design for recovery

  • Recoverability of packaging refers to the availability of systems for reusing, recycling, composting or energy recovery.

Optimised material efficiency

  • Material efficiency refers to reducing material consumption and associated environmental impacts in the packaging lifecycle by optimising the volume and weight of the packaging.

Design to reduce product waste

  • Design packaging to eliminate or reduce avoidable product waste. This includes information on the label to assist consumers to reduce their waste.

Eliminate hazardous materials

  • Avoiding the use of materials or chemicals that are toxic to living beings, ozone-depleting or contributing to climate change.

Use recycled materials

  • Optimising the use of recyclable materials in the packaging design.

Use renewable materials

  • Use of material that can be continuously replenished.

Design to minimise litter

  • Aim to design packaging that reduces the likelihood of it being improperly disposed of.

Design for transport efficiency

  • Packaging designed to maximise transport efficiency by reducing weight and fully utilising shipping space.

Design for accessibility

  • Easy for the user to open, legible labelling and does not compromise on safety and quality.

Provide consumer information on sustainability

  • Providing clear information or advice on any claims made about appropriate disposal or environmental attributes of the packaging.

What's in it for you?

Making the switch to sustainable packaging gives your brand a competitive edge over your competitors. As consumers lean into environmentally friendly practices and look to support brands that align with their values, having sustainable packaging is definitely a win for your brand.  Plus, It’s cool to protect the planet!

If you’re ready to make the switch to sustainable packaging, talk to us today. 

Ellie Vaisman

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Ellie Vaisman

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