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Sourci are your overseas manufacturing experts.

Sourci is your manufacturing partner, managing quality & timelines. Managing an overseas supplier requires constant careful attention as well as expert knowledge of manufacturing practices. Sourci has the know-how and the permanent overseas presence that’ll give you the best.

Manufacturing & QA


Private Label Manufacturing

There are thousands of suppliers and millions of products waiting to be manufactured with your logo and branding on them. Private label manufacturing is contracting a third party manufacturer who already has moulds and product designs, and is willing to manufacturer their product for you and put your branding on the product and boxes. This type of manufacturing is really popular with Ecommerce and amazon sellers looking to expand their product range. There is no short supply on these types of manufacturers and products you can find online at Alibaba, but with Sourci’s help we will navigate through the poor quality manufacturers and distributors and provide you with the very best manufacturing partners. These manufacturers will meet your requirements for price, MOQ, branding and we can even work with them to make small modifications to an existing product to make it more your own!



OEM & ODM Options

Sourci will asses if you are needing an Original Equipment vs an Orginal Design manufacturer, protecting your intillectual property and partnering you with a manufacturer who has both the equipment and expertise to produce your product to the very best quality and price point. Sourci help put in place production contracts, take care of production schedules, quality control checks and ensuring the product is perfectly branded and packaged.



Quality Assurance

Having your sourcing team located in the same country and able to visit your factory within 24 hours gives your supply an additional layer of security. Our teams perform factory inspections, help you build relationships with your suppliers, and are on standby to do a Quality Control inspection once production is underway or when it is complete. Viewing a detailed & personalised QC report of your products will give you the peace-of-mind needed to pay the balance owing to the manufacturer and ship your goods.

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