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We have been tasked with seeking out an entirely new supply chain for a great Australian fashion brand – who make both womens & mens ‘Country’ style casual clothing.
Since December 2018 Sourci’s team has been talking all things fashion! – Fabrics, patterns, sizes, tolerances, shrinkage, quantities, pricing, & stitching.

Our client, a lovely e-commerce fashion business owner, approached Sourci when the supplier that she had been working with for the past 6 years (since the day she launched the business) began to slip on quality and consistency on their production orders.

With boxes of shirts being delivered with multiple size discrepancies she decided it was time to call in a professional supply chain management team – Sourci!

In terms of manufacturing complexity, clothing actually comes in at quite a complex level. With so many different styles, patterns, sizes and cuts it actually meant that there amounted to over 70 different products that our client regularly orders (across 8 lines of shirts).
Our Melbourne-based sourcing team (bi-lingually equipped) briefed not only our Chinese team, but also our staff placed in Vietnam, Indonesia & India – as we were on a mission to find the most reliable & consistent garment manufacturers out there.

In talks with over 50 suppliers across 4 countries, we were able to pose all of the right questions and narrow down to the top 6 performing garment factories matched to our clients ordering pattern – which we then presented in a detailed report containing our summary, the pro’s & con’s, and our professional recommendations.

After ordering samples from the 2 factories in China, a report was prepared by her Australian pattern-maker which then allowed us to provide feedback to the 2 factories.

As a great bonus for the client, in early May 2019 Sourci’s team actually flew out to Guangzhou China and visited the factory that provided the best samples (14 beautiful shirts). We came on behalf of the ecommerce brand and talked through any design queries, thoroughly went through all their feedback, and importantly – built & nurtured their relationship with this supplier. We worked through everything over their boardroom table, inspected all 5 levels of their production facility, scrutinised their QC rooms, and reported everything back to Madeleine, our client. She was very happy indeed.

Having a professionally managed supply chain is easing a great deal of stress, cost issues, and ultimately reducing time spent on supply woes – allowing Madeleine to truly focus on what she loves, the sales & marketing side of her booming e-commerce brand.

To start the search for your perfectly matched new supplier, get in touch with us today.


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