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Residential Development Project, Engineered Timber Flooring

In late 2018 a prominent commercial property developer engaged with Sourci to help them source quality engineered timber flooring for an upcoming apartment project, instead of going the “Traditional way” and buying from a local retailer.
The client and their team were able to provide two small samples of the exact flooring colour that they were after. Aside from matching the colour, the flooring had to be the exact species of wood, thickness, grade and width that their architect incorporated in the construction plans. Within weeks we had spoken with and strictly vetted over 30 manufacturers in China, with further probing resulting in a shortlist of 2 very professional timber flooring manufacturers. We sent them over the clients example piece, and in a matter of weeks, we had 2 separate samples from China of flooring that matched their exact required specifications including matching the colour to a tee.

And the pricing? By purchasing directly from the factory (the same factories Austalian retailers likely buy all their flooring from) our client managed to save $26,426 off their original quotations! They also had a far more bespoke service (dedicated Sourci team member), more customisation options, and quicker production turnarounds.
Talk about supercharging their ROI….

Working alongside both the construction manager and the manufacturer simultaneously allowed Sourci to ensure the production and freight time worked perfectly with the developers timeline. With our expert freight partners, we coordinated it so that the consignment arrived 1 week before the install date, holding it safely at a local warehouse until the trades were ready to lay the floors. We had also QC’d the container before it left the factory, ensuring that if there were any faults or issues they would be dealt with prior to the goods being shipped. Thanks to all our preparation and initial research the floors were perfect and the job went smoothly, allowing the developer now to expand their horizon with other products, including windows, insulation, vanity units and more.


  • Product:Hardwood Flooring
  • Cost Savings:AUD $26,426
  • Target Country: China
  • Quantity/Style:1200m2 Engineered Timber Flooring
  • Verification: Sourci ensured that each prospective supplier signed a Chinese NNN (non-disclosure, non-use, non-circumvention) agreementCustom Colour Sample Production, Factory inspection & QC Audit of finished goods (post-production)