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Cosmetic Bags & Beach Bags, Luxury Homewares Label

Escape To Paradise is a young, bold and colourful Australian brand that exports their exotic ‘paradise-inspired’ wares all over the world. Their beautiful tropical prints and patterns can be spotted in luxury hotels & department stores across the nation, as well as the UK, USA, and Europe. Over the past 10 years Escape To paradise has chosen to manufacture all of their products in quality facilities across China. The problem that Escape To Paradise faced when engaging with Sourci, is that a majority of their products were being sold through U.S department stores, and with the recently imposed U.S tariffs it meant alternative supply chains would need to be set up outside of China. This is a change that Sourci is seeing being adopted rapidly across the globe, seen by many global giants such as Apple, Mitsubishi Electric, Toshiba, Nike, Adidas etc. as part of an intelligent and vital risk management strategy.

Sourci is very excited to be engaged as the expert consultant to manage Escape To Paradise’s strategic shift outside of China, as we have the best global reach with teams in over 7 countries.
Our valued client is also excited about the quality improvements, potential cost reductions, and manufacturing efficiencies that will come as a two-fold benefit from producing their cosmetic bags, beach bags, backpacks, beach towels, pet beds, cushion covers, and other products in other manufacturing nations. We’ve promptly deployed a number of resources in both Vietnam & Indonesia are now working with some very professional manufacturers on producing high-quality product samples for our client to assess. This shift outside of China will provide peace-of-mind and maintain security for our clients future US exports, essentially future-proofing their company at a fundamental level.

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  • Client:Bearsthemes
  • Date:May 14, 2017
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