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Bespoke Home Furniture

Sourci was engaged to help one of their Sydney based clients find and establish a relationship with a bespoke home furniture manufacturer. Prior to working with Sourci our client was experiencing common headaches from their previous supplier, which was faulty goods, no QC process and being forced to order a full container load each order. After performing some preliminary research on the previous supplier, Sourci discovered that our customer was actually working with a trading company and in fact not a manufacturer. In 4 short weeks, Sourci had found a new manufacturer who was not only less expensive but also had a stringent QC process and lower MOQ’s which allowed the customer to order only what they needed.


  • Target Country: China
  • No. of Products 6+ with several sizes & lines within each style
  • Certifications: Sourci ensured that each prospective supplier signed a Chinese NNN (non-disclosure, non-use, non-circumvention) agreementCustom Colour Sample Production, Factory inspection & QC Audit of finished goods (post-production) FCS
  • Intricacies: Custom packaging, OEM, Negotiating unique MOQ’s (Minimum Order Quantities)