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iBAG Intelligent Dry Cleaning

iBAG is an intelligent, high-quality dry cleaning business, offering their service nation-wide.  iBAG utilises a range of innovative tools like app technology mixed with traditional quality dry cleaning to offer their customers the cleanest, most efficient user-experience out there in the garment-care market today.

In January 2019, iBAG approached Sourci when their overseas manufacturer stopped responding to them. Essentially they disappeared out of nowhere with all communications being left unanswered. iBAG took this as an opportunity to see what other manufacturers had to offer. Sourci’s team launched a very comprehensive search for premium garment bag manufacturers and seriously ‘hit the ground running’ with this duty. In under 10 days, we were able to provide a number of landed quotations for their exact specification (highly modified) garment bag but with one big difference – the pricing Sourci provided is 35% cheaper than their previous supply. This 35% saving will provide huge value to iBag’s business and it is exactly this kind of impact to Australian businesses that Sourci exists for.

You can visit their website here – https://www.ibag.com.au/


  • Product:Modified Garment Bag
  • Quantity:3,000 - 4,000 P.A
  • Key Metric:35% like-for-like Saving in 10 days
  • Target Country:China