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Phenolic Foam Insulation Board

Our client is one of the leading Australian owned insulation manufacturers and supply energy saving, sustainable building insulation products nation-wide. Their products are stocked on the shelves of Australias largest hardware store chains and this means that quality, regulatory conformity, and product consistency is paramount for their business.

Before engaging Sourci, this company had been procuring their input materials from China for over 10 years from the same supplier. When given the specifications of their phenolic foam insulation panels, Sourci’s team contacted 30+ Chinese manufacturers and provided quotations that were significantly more competitive than their existing supply. After their stringent product thermal performance requirements were confidently communicated, our team found the perfectly suited supplier and promptly a sample piece was ordered from China. This was subsequently tested in an Australian facility – providing fantastic, credible analysis results which satisfy and indeed well exceed Australian standards & regulatory requirements.

The result? Our client now has a reliable supplier that manufactures a better performing product (R-Value), that is significantly cheaper, and the payment terms with the new supplier are far more attractive than their previous arrangements (100% upfront wasn’t very good for cashflow).

How much of a saving was involved? A transformative one, if you ask us.
A saving of 46% was achieved on a like-for-like product – with improved delivery times, better payment terms, and in fact a superior thermal performance.
46%??   Yes that’s right, and this equates to about $12,598 per order. In this case a full container load was ordered monthly, bringing roughly $150,000 in annual cash savings to this great Aussie business.
As you see, it definitely pays to shop around.


  • Client:Bearsthemes
  • Date:May 14, 2017
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