35mm Co.
One of the hottest products of 2021.

Vintage is cool, everyone knows that. From mum jeans to a classic vinyl player. 35mm Co is another fast growing Melbourne based E-commerce company taking the world by storm. Madison came to Sourci in 2020 with the vision of creating her own personal brand of 35mm reusable film cameras.

Maddison already had a successful business selling other brands’ cameras, but she had greater ambitions and through hearing hundreds of pieces of customer feedback she was ready to design and produce her own brand of cameras.

Enter Sourci. Here's how we made amazing happen for 35mm Co.







Say Cheese.

In a short period of time Sourci was able to present research findings and suitable options of different styles of cameras that met the brands exact requirements - a great quality, reusable film camera that only required a single triple A battery to run. Sourci was also coordinating the manufacturing of bespoke packaging that created a seamless and beautiful tactile experience for every customer who opens 35mm Co’s product for the first time.

It’s also worth mentioning that Sourci and 35mm Co only started working together in February, and in just 4 months a mass production order was being placed. This 4 months included Sourci performing extensive international research, presenting landed costs inclusive of freight, branding and packaging so Madison knew exactly what her costs would be. It even included multiple rounds of pre-production sampling to ensure the product and packaging were genuinely perfect before going into mass production. That's lighting quick. Some would say we did it in a flash!

We heart control.

Sourci puts product sourcing wizardry at the heart of your team.Push the button. Make amazing happen.

Three key ingredients to scaling manufacturing successfully.

The decision to scale your product range and order value can be an exciting and nervous decision. A successful scale up requires three key ingredients which were employed by our experienced Sourci staff for 35mm Co.

  • Evaluating current and potential suppliers, based on prior export experience.
  • Quality Assurance Programs, that gives you reassurance that they are charting and documenting their quality control measures when doing higher volume and more complex fulfilment, ensuring consistent, premium quality manufactured products.
  • Production lead times report, covering the period between purchase and the manufacturer completing the order.

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The time
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