Alexander Street Furniture.
Inspired locally.
Manufactured in China.

Sourci is proud to support Alexander Street Furniture by bringing amazing pieces of contemporary & classic French furniture to life exclusively on their behalf.

Alexander Street Furniture (ASF) is a Sydney based high-end furniture brand that was founded by a busy mum who had a passion for gorgeous furniture and for bringing quality and style at an affordable budget. Prior to approaching Sourci ASF were experiencing product quality issues, inflated purchase prices, and regular pressure to increase order spend and volumes.

Within months, we were able to reduce their per unit cost, improve product quality, and keep their minimum order quantities down to a manageable level – all whilst giving ASF owner Kylie her time back. With 4 children under the age of 5, her time is extremely precious, so by bringing cost savings and giving back 90% of her supply chain time, the value Sourci brought to this small business compounds tremendously!









How we made amazing happen

Having found their original supplier on, ASF were experiencing supply chain issues that held their brand back from growing. As we suspected, they were actually ordering from a Trading Company rather than a true manufacturer.

By purchasing from a Trading Company a business has very little control over their supply chain. Trading companies buy and re-sell goods at inflated prices, and can very often switch suppliers on you, so that your quality and consistency is extremely volatile. The trading company that ASF were buying from were poorly organised, had no QC processes, and would force their customers to order a full container load (FCL) at a time, meaning ASF had to always stretch and increase their order spend – suffocating their cashflow.

Enter Sourci in 2019, and we completely revamped their supply chain. Within a month we presented highly qualified furniture manufacturers, in fact we found the original factories that manufactured the items that the trading company was (poorly) replicating.

Sourci puts product sourcing wizardry at the heart of your team.Push the button. Make amazing happen.

Not only did we solve the quality issues, our factories were able to customise absolutely every colour, fabric, timber finish, stain and truly bring bespoke classic furniture pieces to life.

On top of that, without the trading company margins, ASF experienced a NET cost saving on their furniture manufacturing! Including any Sourci fees, a true cost saving on each order. Directly correlating to an increase in profitability.

Further still, we weren’t bound to ordering full container loads at a time, meaning cashflow wasn’t being strangled, and ASF could push more funds into marketing, staging, photography, and properly growing their brand!

Fast forward to today, Alexander Street Furniture have now expanded their operations, moved to a larger warehouse, and grown a substantial customer base in the high-end furniture market. Their supply operations run as smooth as possible, and the team have time and energy to work on the business rather than in the business.

That’s a ‘home-run’ by Sourci’s judgement!

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The time
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