CMC Gold.
Inspired locally.
Manufactured in China.

In 2017, Chloe and Maurice started their business CMC Gold, with the idea of selling party supplies. The original concept grew into other product categories in 2018 with the founders making the decision to branch out into personalised baby products.

Like many businesses, CMC Gold had issues with their existing manufacturing suppliers around scaling the product orders to a higher volume.

Enter Sourci - Here's how we made amazing happen for CMC Gold.







Wholesale or no sale

If you have ever experienced rapid growth, it’s one of the most unique business experiences you can have. Inevitably, you’re faced with needing to expand or risk falling behind your competition.

With CMC Gold, they spoke to their existing manufacturing supplier in Bali to see if they can expand their order quantities. Unfortunately, the manufacturer was too small to do the volume orders they required. Chloe and Maurice then reached out to Sourci, and the rest is history!

Since 2019, Sourci has been helping the business to expand their product range into baby swaddles sets and name plaques at an order value of AUD$50,000. With reliable suppliers, CMC Gold have maintained their low defect rate and quality standards. With Sourci's help, Chloe and Maurice were able to scale up in 2020 and achieved a new revenue stream into wholesale.

Sourci puts product sourcing wizardry at the heart of your team.Push the button. Make amazing happen.

How Sourci’s Expertise & Persistence Defied The Odds

After one of the most extensive research & product development undertakings ever encountered, Noonie Australia now have a rock-solid supply chain that will see them grow their impact to newfound mothers far and wide throughout the foreseeable future.

With the first production run of 50,000 organic, world first Noonie Padsicles successfully delivered in mid-2021, their brand is set to explode thanks to heavy interest from hospitals, pharmacies, government and mums-to-be all over the country.

Their goal is to have a sustainable and environmentally conscious business that helps as many mums as they can. Look out for further eco and functional iterations as we scale their product offering with them.

Changing the world is well worth the wait - so watch this space!

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The time
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Let's make amazing
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