Easy Sleep.
Inspired locally.
Manufactured in China.

Sourci is proud to support Easy Sleep Australia by helping them launch their very first private branded range of products. This undertaking involved manufacturing an extremely high quality range of electronically adjustable bed bases – massages, remotes, German motors, warranties and all.

When Easy Sleep approached Sourci in 2019 they were cemented as an already well established name in the Australian bedding market, whilst also growing at an extremely healthy pace - supplying beds, mattresses, and bedding accessories to Australians young & old.

Their management team were very clever in identifying a huge opportunity. They were bold and acted upon it quickly with Sourci’s help, and have benefited tremendously – with game-changing impacts to both their brand and their overall business.











Here’s how we made amazing happen for Easy Sleep

The team at Easy Sleep found that the market for electric adjustable beds was growing fast, the beds they stocked were selling extremely well. The issue was that they were purchasing them wholesale, and the maker of these beds wouldn’t give them additional volume discounts for the hundreds that they were selling, and doing such a good job of promoting.

The solution was plain and simple, manufacture their own range and supercharge their margins, after all they already had the volume. The requirement was also very clear: Quality & Workmanship must only go up, this cannot be sacrificed at any cost.

Sourci hit a home run for Easy Sleep.

Our global teams spent weeks scouring the manufacturing landscape across the Asian continent, assessing suitable manufacturers, qualifying and background checking, auditing and inspecting.

Careful attention had to be paid to their high specification requirements. We set out to find the best manufacturers out there.

Easy Sleep's requirements were extremely discerning, their beds needed to incorporate:

  • Multiple German-made motors within each bed
  • Massage settings
  • Programmable remote controls
  • 300+ KG weight load ratings
  • Reliable manufacturer warranties
  • Customisable branding & packaging
  • USB Charging ports
  • LED lighting options
  • 6 size combinations from Single right through to King +

We found the most professional and experienced factories in this space, who might be manufacturing for the biggest names in the bedding industry globally. We presented our top 2 recommendations within 2 months, meeting and of course exceeding all of the set requirements, with warranties, spare parts, after-care, and industry leading technological advancements. Needless to say the sampling process was flawless. Easy Sleep received their trial models and the beds were exceptional.

Sourci puts product sourcing wizardry at the heart of your team. Push the button.Make amazing happen.

So were the margins

Sourci managed their production planning, executed confidentiality agreements with the factory, drafted legal sales contracts outlining quality control, timings, and warranties, worked between parties to customise branding on the beds, remotes, and packaging, and managed manufacturing, quality control, shipping clearance and delivery perfectly.

Sourci takes care of their re-ordering and supply chain full time, so they can focus on serving their customers.

Easy Sleep’s own “Millennium Series” adjustable beds are now their best sellers, provide them with the best margins, they are even registered as a class 1a Medical Device with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), and just like their beds, their procurement & supply chain is well… fully automated. So their team and customers can all sleep soundly at night.

EasySleep & Sourci are now working on various other private label ranges together. They clearly did their research and picked a winner before they hopped into bed with a sourcing partner.

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The time
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