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The renowned Western Australian based Mint Eco Shop, known for its commitment to sourcing products that are cruelty-free and eco-friendly, was looking to develop their own brand of bamboo-based products, called Wombat.

Here's how we made amazing happen for Mint Eco Shop.

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The power of language

Mint Eco has been providing quality eco-friendly products for several years. All products have been sourced ethically, environmentally and cruelty free by researching the factories extensively. However, for their new ambitious project to source bamboo material for their new Wombat range, they found communication difficult with factories and agents overseas as well as time zones.

Enter Sourci. Our China office of researchers engaged with the factories directly, speaking the native language, sourced the bamboo and got certifications to ensure the products were environmentally friendly and cruelty free by completing extensive research into the manufacturing facilities.

Go ethical, organic, rainbow sparkly. Order 10, 100, 5000… a gazillion. Hit the start button.

Cargo consolidation reducing freight costs

Leaning on the experience of Sourci, Brenda and Mint Eco were able to mitigate further complications by finding an experienced factory with a history of low defect rates to drive down incidental costs. By facilitating the entire end-to-end process, Brenda had cost savings across the supply chain and moved her freight into cargo consolidation, meaning we combined multiple shipments into one shipping container.

With our team based in China, we were able to communicate effectively with factories to ensure they could produce the full range of new products, Wombat consisting of; 3,300 pieces of toothbrushes, kitchen products, soap holders and 1,500 pieces of stainless-steel lunchboxes, 1,500 bags, 500 units of pegs and 900 pieces of tins.

Mint eco
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