No Fight Tights.
Fashionable & Functional.

After many struggles getting her daughter ready for school in the morning and the stress associated with watching her daughter fight to feel comfortable in her school tights, It was identified that there has to be a better solution. No Fight Tights Founder and Mum Corinna Preston got to work to design and create the perfect pair of tights to solve all those early morning struggles in many households.

"I had the idea of combining something along the lines of tights/leggings. So off I went to buy a pair of girls leggings and school tights, I had a friend combine the two and VOILA! – No Fight Tight’s (NFT’s) was born. As a runner I was aware of how comfortable running tights can be so I knew this design could be further improved. NFT’s unique patented design now combines a lycra upper with a traditional cotton weave lower portion that meets school uniform requirements but can also be worn as a fabulous sport or fashion accessory."

After initially liaising with a local sample room and manufacturer, Corinna was looking for a partner to facilitate her complete end-to-end mass manufacturing & procurement process to bring her dream product to life - so luckily she found Sourci!

"I Couldn’t Have Made My Dream Come True Without Your Team"

Here’s how we made amazing happen for No Fight Tights.









We helped Corinna navigate a complex product development process with multiple prototypes and exceptional problem solving required to ensure the product serves its intended process of comfortability, durability and quality in this unique proprietary product.

The Detail Is Everything

We identified multiple specialist garment manufacturers to ensure we were able to cross cost to present the best price possible. With wholesale dreams in mind, negotiation of price was a priority to ensure a profitable venture for all.

We worked closely with the manufacturers and product development teams to troubleshoot many challenges around prototyping, ensuring that there was confidence and excitement around the finished product moving into production.

Implementing sales contracts on the terms of engagement with the factory set the ground rules and arranging quality control checks upon production completion ensured the highest of quality in goods leaving the factory, minimising defect rates and ensuring full visibility of product quality & packing prior to shipment.

The No Fight Tights brand is now scaling fast, with regional Victoria backing this home-grown business, being stocked in half a dozen school uniform stores and quickly becoming a household name for school girls & mums across the state.

They are being featured in various media and publications, and we are confident that it won’t be long before we’ll be seeing the brilliant NFT brand all across the country soon!

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