Noonie Australia.
Revolutionary Postpartum Care.

Entrepreneurs Alana Nolan and Winston Su ‘birthed’ Noonie Australia to improve the maternity experience for women by normalising postpartum recovery through their range of revolutionary postpartum essentials.

The idea for their revolutionary cooling pads was born when Founder Alana’s friend was preparing for the birth of her first baby girl and required functional and hygienic cooling maternity pads post-delivery. Alana was dissatisfied with the old-fashioned DIY "padsicles" but couldn't find any viable alternatives (after searching every corner of the web!).

Refusing to let her friend use unhygienic and soggy padsicles, Alana got to work to create the first Noonie pad with integrated cooling built in.

Creating a world-first product can be a challenging task, and Alana and Winston struggled to find a suitable manufacturer to bring this revolutionary product to life - even going through another Australian sourcing company but with no success (they gave up after a few months).

Enter Sourci - Here's how we made amazing happen for Noonie Australia.









After receiving Noonie’s world-first product brief, Sourci’s Co-Founder Ellie Vaisman actually flew up to Sydney to meet with Winston & Alana to learn about their goals. The Noonie product development had already been attempted by another Australian sourcing company that promised the world, but failed to deliver and pulled out of the project after just a few months due to complexity.

Changing the world isn’t easy, but it sure had Sourci’s commitment.

It took nearly 100 manufacturers to find a suitable partner who would put the time, energy, and resources towards developing this world first product. There’s the cooling pouch itself with a customised density & formula, then there’s the soft cotton pad, and the part that presented the greatest challenge: Inserting the pouch into the pad using production machinery.

No factory had the equipment to pair the cooling pouch with the sanitary pad, and many weren’t able to get it to work.

With the tireless efforts from Sourci’s domestic & overseas development teams, hundreds of hours spent meeting and problem solving with factories, not to mention the Noonie teams patience and determination, a working prototype was successfully made, and the code was finally cracked for mass production.

Utilising several partners for different stages of the production process, Sourci has brought the Noonie pad to life.

Sourci puts product sourcing wizardry at the heart of your team. Giving total control and support, so those uncertainties just disappear.You got this.

How Sourci’s Expertise & Persistence Defied The Odds

After one of the most extensive research & product development undertakings ever encountered, Noonie Australia now have a rock-solid supply chain that will see them grow their impact to newfound mothers far and wide throughout the foreseeable future.

With the first production run of 50,000 organic, world first Noonie Padsicles successfully delivered in mid-2021, their brand is set to explode thanks to heavy interest from hospitals, pharmacies, government and mums-to-be all over the country.

Their goal is to have a sustainable and environmentally conscious business that helps as many mums as they can. Look out for further eco and functional iterations as we scale their product offering with them.

Changing the world is well worth the wait - so watch this space!


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