Pink Cosmetics Co.

Redefining A Classic Beauty Tool.

Pink Cosmetics was founded by best friends Aleyna and Anisa. With an expert understanding of all things beauty, they set out to redefine a classic beauty tool – the eyelash curler. They have successfully revolutionized a staple tool in everyone’s makeup kit. Their Lash Tool has an innovative comb attachment, curved apex, ergonomic handles, permanent lash pads and is made of high-grade steel.

Here’s how we made amazing happen for Pink Cosmetics Co.







Set The Bar High.

Aleyna and Anisa had found a manufacturer online that was proving to be less than ideal. They were experiencing significant quality issues with their Lash Tool. This meant that their defect rate was high and their customer returns were climbing. While simple in design, the Lash Tool is complex in construction and assembly and their manufacturer was unable to meet the necessary quality standard for each component of the product.

The Sourci team got to work to overhaul the existing Pink Cosmetics Co. supply chain. Our China team were able to provide a variety of manufacturing options to Aleyna and Anisa with the objective of lowering defect rates by working with a high-quality supplier that had the capacity to grow and scale with the brand in the future without compromising on quality.

Following this, we facilitated the creation of prototypes to address areas of concern with the existing product to ensure that we could improve the overall quality of the product. We also ensured that quality assurance was integrated into the supply chain management process to ensure that risk and error was mitigated in product assembly.

The Sourci team also ensured that all production runs had detailed quality control checks at various stages to validate the quality of the large-scale production of the Lash Tool.

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Great Marketing + A Cult Fave.

Having a strong team in Sourci that were able to manage the end-to-end supply chain for Pink Cosmetics Co., Aleyna and Anisa were able to focus on what they do best, ensuring their marketing and branding was strong.

With this in mind, it’s no surprise that the Lash Tool has become a cult favourite with their product going viral on TikTok.

The duo are now working with the team at Sourci to develop two new amazing complimentary products, with plans to launch them both in 2022.

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