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Ronnie & Co is an iconic small business success story. A mother with a passion to improve people’s lives, one day at a time. Her range of bespoke gratitude journals and planners that sell out each year, are made with thought and love and of course manufactured with Sourci’s help.

In August 2020, Rhonda reached out to Sourci to make a critical change in her business and redevelop her supply-chain. Rhonda was previously manufacturing her range of products locally, with local costs leaving her with some very undesirable margins. Sourci understood the importance of maintaining her high quality product costs, whilst reducing her production costs significantly so she could scale and grow her business.

After 4 months of researching and sampling, Ronnie & Co were ready to hit “GO” on their first ever international stock order. Sourci had secured a reputable factory who had not only recreated the journal Rhonda was wanting, but one who also made improvements on her original brief.

With Sourci’s help, Ronnie & Co was able to experience a better quality product, and a more competitive price, all whilst working with her Melbourne based account manager, providing her full support and guidance for her first time manufacturing overseas, pretty impressive huh?

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After successfully delivering Ronnie & Co’s first shipment, Sourci began immediately working on the following years’ Journal as well as expanding Rhonda’s range into other products you now see on her website. Sourci has become her go to supply-chain partner when it comes to developing and bringing out widely successful products.

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How product sourcing wizardry reduced Ronnie & Co cost of goods by 60%

Production cost is built up across the direct materials, labour and then the factory/manufacturing overheads. Rhonda had high material and labour costs due to manufacturing locally. Sourci was able to research and negotiate lower costs, while still maintaining the quality.

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