Inspired locally.
Manufactured in China.

The story of SafelySecured is a brilliant display of Australian ingenuity and entrepreneurship. Matt McShane, founder and brainchild of SafelySecured was worried about leaving his dogs outside of shops, cafes, and supermarkets for fear of them being stolen.

Matt came up with a brilliant concept and partnered with our ongoing development team, to create the world's first UN-STEALABLE dog leash!

That's right, this harness, collar & leash combo isn't just gorgeous, it's thief proof.

Here's how we made amazing happen for SafelySecured.









A promise is a promise

SafelySecured mission was to create a durable product and brand that lives up to its name. The products needed to be easy-to-use, beautiful, durable, comfortable for the pups and above all - safe from prying hands!

Sourci was engaged by SafelySecured to go out there and scour the Asian continent for suitable manufacturing partners with not only the skills, but the appetite for novel product development.

Sourci was able to develop the entire product range, allowing Matt to spend all of his time and energy on the place that needs it most - spruiking this incredible invention to the world, selling, marketing, networking, and building the brand up to the moon like a rocketship.

Profit lines. Bottom lines. Production lines. Sourci.Make amazing happen.

1126 KG of force, in 16 variants

When Sourci was able to find a factory that could achieve beyond the expectations of SafelySecured, Matt decided to raise the bar to scale their original order from 10 to 16 different sizes and varieties, opening his poodle-saving products to dogs of every size and shape.

During testing, Matt was able to land on a 1126KG load rating for these puppies (the harnesses, not the actual puppies don't worry).

With Sourci being able to maintain low defect rates, super easy fast-tracked communication, and taking care of the full supply chain, SafelySecured were able to make a howling sprint into the market, and even landed on Channel 7 News.

Safely Secured featured on Channel 9 News!
Check it out here

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