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Tanzee is a fast scaling eCommerce brand that is taking the world by storm one tanning routine product at a time. After starting out with the OG self-tan bed sheet protector, Tanzee has evolved into a global beauty business that is constantly pushing the boundaries to provide luxurious beauty products that can be used by anyone who loves a glowing tan - but hates the messy bedsheets and streaky skin!

Tanzee's brand is rock-solid, now their supply chain is too.

Here's how we made amazing happen for Tanzee.



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Need For Speed.

Tanzee experienced rapid year on year growth with expansion plans into the US, but their existing supplier located in Vietnam just couldn't keep up with the rolling orders.

This made Madi, Tanzees founder question if her supply-chain was set up to really allow her to scale with confidence and ensure there were no more delays for her orders.

Factories that struggle to keep up with demand can really damage the ability for fast-growing e-commerce brands to scale. Its just as bad for a brand to be constantly stuck on pre-sale while waiting for the latest batch of inventory to be delivered.

After months of reviewing her options, Madi made the decision to move away from her existing Vietnamese supplier and move forward with Sourci where she knew her lead time would be reduced, she would be saving on her costs and have complete confidence to scale the Tanzee brand in the other countries.

Enter Sourci.

Sourci puts product sourcing wizardry at the heart of your team. Giving total control and support, so those uncertainties just disappear.You got this.

How Our Product Sourcing Wizardry Cut Tanzee's Lead Time in Half.

In just 2 months, Sourci was able to work with the Tanzee team on making improvements to her existing products, whilst providing a more competitive price with a lead time that was almost halved.

Madi had access to her very own bolt-on sourcing, development, procurement, quality control, production management, and freight & logistics team that got to work to make amazing happen!

We were able to find Madi a factory that could meet the demands of her scaling brand whilst ensuring a high level of quality and a reasonable price- what a win!

We are now working with Madi to oversee her entire production and supply chain and are expanding our offering to start working on her full range of products including her self tan bedsheet protector, pillowcase and others.

The time
is now.

Let's make amazing
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The time
is now.

Let's make amazing
happen today.


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