Vush Stimulation.
Inspired locally.
Manufactured in China.

Vush Stimulation is a rapidly growing Australian E-Commerce brand that started in 2018, and saw incredible success thanks to some great marketing, and the self-love wave that has thrived over the past few years. Vush engaged Sourci to assist in developing their new and innovative range of vibrators that would take the self love world by storm.

Fast-forward to 2021, with Sourci's international expertise, a manufacturer was chosen that enabled the development of our initial highly successful range of Vush's bespoke designs, and accomplished an industry blasting defect rate of <1%, and even 24-month manufacturer warranties - unheard of? We know. Vush has complete control & visibility over its supply chain.

Here's how we made amazing happen for Vush.


Product Range







How our sourcing wizardry improved speed-to-market by 6 months+


With issues in communication, time zones, and of course the right experience we can regularly find a disconnect between an Australian scale-up brand, and their manufacturing partners overseas. Sourci bridges that gap - and makes you feel like your manufacturer is right here.

Our Melbourne team sat down with the team at Vush, conducting regular in-person meetings, reviewing and refining prototypes & iterations, to bring entirely bespoke, fully customised range of adult toys to life at half of the time that it takes most brands.

No language barriers, and a truly global partner creating magic by your side.

Product development can take anywhere from 12-24 months when you don't have teams dedicated to it across 9 countries, and the end result is rarely half as ideal as originally envisioned. This new dream range ticks all of their boxes, with:

  • Medical Grade Silicone (Highest level available)
  • Unique customised shape / form
  • Custom vibration sequences (50 options)
  • 24 Month Manufacturer Warranties

We also improved efficiencies with custom packaging suppliers, fully integrated their stock with our logistics partners, negotiated competitive pricing.

You're in charge here.

Cardi B featured Vush's new Majesty in her music video clip, so it's clearly something special to 'wap' about.
Check it out here

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