Our stats speak for themselves: resultsand growth.

Real Results, Real Savings, Real Impacts.

Reduction in costs 33%
Time savings 60%
Reduction/Defects 20%
Improved turnarounds 28%

What’s on offer?

We can provide an entire suite of services, which are designed to seriously optimise the day-to-day responsibilities of business owners and managers.

Risk Management Strategy

Supplier auditing, factory inspections, post production quality control and a wealth of cultural and legislative knowledge – all of these combined ensures that inherent supply risk is well-managed.


We work with your suppliers to constantly renegotiate terms and pricing based off your ordering volumes & behaviour, current market analytics, and intelligent forecasting.

Freight & Logistics

Simply by utilising our expansive network of partnerships across the globe, you will receive exclusive discounts on things like shipping costs, prioritised freight services, and supply chain solutions.

Procurement Software

Once we set you up with a login to our online procurement system, you have the ability to easily raise purchase orders, create invoices, organise shipments, and track ordering & spending.

Reporting & Analytics

By assessing order data we are able to formulate intelligent projections & deliver valuable insights. These findings lead to regular supplier reviews, contract renegotiation, and positively impact future ordering.

Foreign Exchange

Through partnering with FX industry leaders we help to look after all foreign exchange matters. Easily arranging cross border payments (& receipts), currency risk management, and being able to ingeniously “lock-in” favourable currency exchange rates.

Inventory Finance

We can help businesses secure inventory finance for immediate ordering. This is particularly useful in situations where cashflow may be an issue – but waiting to purchase inventory isn’t an option.

Sales Contracts

Once the most favourable terms have been agreed to we can then have our legal team bind these contractually for you, using enforceable bilingual contracts tailored to your exact needs & supply specifications

What Does All Of This Mean For You?

We Will Connect You To The Best Global Suppliers For Your Most Important Regular Ordering. You Will Benefit From Savings In Both Time & Money Whilst We Handle The Entire Procurement Process.

Sit back and see how much time and money you will be able to re-invest into other parts of your business.

*On average we save our clients NET 20%-35% on their existing supply.